Winter Homecoming 2021 Photo

Scott City Schools held its 2021 Winter Homecoming on Saturday, February 13th. Like so many things over the past twelve months, Homecoming week turned out to be much different than originally planned. However, it was winter causing the disruptions this time, with snow and ice canceling school for the three days prior to the Homecoming game. Despite the weather difficulties, both the girls and boys basketball teams were able to compete on Homecoming night, with the girls team going up against a very talented Ellington team and the boys playing a very strong Campbell club. While the girls basketball team was ultimately unsuccessful in knocking off Ellington, the boys basketball team won a hard fought 69-57 victory over Campbell. At the end of the night, Misty was named the 2021 Winter Homecoming Queen.

If you wish to watch either game, you can play the recorded stream of the game on the SC Video YouTube channel. For the video of the girls game, click this link. For the video of the boys game and homecoming coronation, click this link.