Mike Umfleet

Mr. Umfleet is currently the Superintendent of Schools at Scott City R1. He has given over 28 years of service to education, all at SC! We greatly appreciate his service to our school! He will retire in June of 2024.

- Author Name

Kim Hensley

Mrs. Hensley is currently a 2nd grade teacher at Scott City Elementary. She has given over 25 years of service to education, all at SC! We greatly appreciate her service to our school! She will retire in June of 2024.

- Kim Hensley 2nd Grade

Darlene Johnston

Mrs. Johnston is currently a Special Education Paraprofessional for the SCR1 School District. She has given SCR1 a total of 19 years. We greatly appreciate her service to our school! She will retire in June of 2024.

- Darlene Johnston Paraprofessional

Becky Laxton

Ms. Laxton is currently the SEEK teacher for the SCR1 School District. She has given 30 years to the field of education with 22 years here at SC. We greatly appreciate her service to our school! She will retire in June of 2024.

- Becky Laxton SEEK

Blake Wilburn

Blake has been a valuable part of the Rams pitching staff since his freshman year. Blake always works hard to be ready for the season. He is always ready to help the team be successful in any way he can, whether that be starting the game or in a relief role.

- Blake Wilburn Class of 2024

Tess Glastetter

Tess is a hard-working student, kind and caring individual. As a member of NHS, Tess goes out of her way to help out wherever she is needed. Tess is an excellent example of how a NHS Student should behave.

- Tess Glastetter Class of 2024

William Schumer

William Schumer is a very active member in the Scott City FBLA. He is our current local chapter Co-President. He has been a member of FBLA for three years. William has also competed in three Missouri FBLA District 15 Conferences, placing highly in multiple events.

- William Schumer Class of 2024

Pam Howell

Mrs. Howell is currently a 6th grade math teacher for SC Middle School. She has given all 27 years to the field of education here at SC and has taught at both SC Elementary and SC MS. We greatly appreciate her service to our school! She will retire in June of 2024.

- Pam Howell 6th Grade Math

Jackson Gloth

Jackson is a hard worker, is very coachable and a great team player. He is always smiling and has a great personality. Jackson is always willing to do whatever is necessary to help the team be successful.

- Jackson Gloth Class of 2026

Ann Baker

Ann decided this year to run for regional office and she got elected as Region 6 President! Ann also recently just received top gold at the regional level in her STAR Event project and is advancing to state!

- Ann Baker Class of 2026

Halle Comer

Halle Comer is an A+ student with Mrs. Jones's 7th and 8th grade students. Halle comes in every day with a smile and the will to help. She has been a huge help in the classroom, and the students love working with her!

- Halle Comer Class of 2025

Mrs. Winders

Carmen Winders is currently the Dean of Students for SC Elementary and has served in that role for the last 6 years. Mrs. Winders has given 41 years to the field of education and we greatly appreciate her service! She will retire June 2024.

- Carmen Winders EL Dean

Zydric Veal

Zydric Veal is a committed member of the brand new eSports program, someone who consistently shows up to meetings ready to work. He is a great team player, always has a positive attitude, and he has been working hard to help recruit other high schoolers to join!

- Zydric Veal Class of 2025

Ramsey Spinks

Ramsey Spinks always goes above and beyond with her artwork. This year she will have several pieces being submitted to the SEMO high school art show. She has always demonstrated her talent in art from seventh grade until now.

- Ramsey Spinks Class of 2025

Lilyan Landis

Junior Lilyan Landis is a pivotal player for the Lady Rams basketball team. On most nights, Landis pours in anywhere from 10 to 20 points for the Lady Rams, despite just being released from her ACL injury only a few days prior to the first home game.

- Lilyan Landis Class of 2025

Mrs. Helle

Mrs. Heather Helle was selected as a 2024 Missouri Teacher of the Year Finalist. Thank you for everything you do for our school and community. We are so proud of you!

- Mrs. Helle Music Teacher

Jordan Strieler

Jordan Streiler is returning to the stage, making this her 3rd time participating in a HS Drama Club performance. A dedicated actor, someone who has great ideas, and a student who isn't afraid to ask questions,

- Jordan Streiler Class of 2026

Zoe Minton

This is Zoe's 6th year as a cheerleader at Scott City. Zoe has amazing leadership for her cheer team, showing her dedication through a positive example of school spirit. We are so proud of Zoe, and glad to have her as a role model and mentor for any future cheerleader.

- Zoe Minton Class of 2024

Lawson Graff

Lawson has done a tremendous job taking over the Will linebacker position on the football team. He is always prepared to practice and has emerged as a leader for the team. Lawson has done a great job in all of the football team's games so far this year.

- Lawson Graff Class of 2024

Harley Glueck

Harley has been a member of the GAS club (Guidance Advisory Students) for 3 years. Harley has given of her time to do many volunteer activities to help others, not only at school but also in the community. She is an excellent example of what GAS membership stands for!

- Harley Glueck Class of 2024

Gracie Karrenbrock

Gracie has been on the yearbook staff all four years of high school. Her improvements in photography and page design over the years has been significant. Gracie is a hustler and always pleasant with an "I can" attitude!

- Gracie Karrenbrock Class of 2024

Alyssa Dirden

Alyssa started her season recovering from injury but has worked endlessly to recover and be at her absolute best for the team. Her dedication and work ethic is a true testament to her athletic success!

- Alyssa Dirden Class of 2024

Ian Weber

Senior Ian Weber is the HS Student Council President. Throughout his years at SC, he has consistently exhibited leadership. He successfully balances a plethora of activities in school and out, including sports, band and tech. Ian makes a positive impact on SCHS.

- Ian Weber Class of 2024

Hannah Heise

Senior Hannah Heise is in her second year as the Drum Major for the SC Marching Rams. When she is not leading the band she plays alto saxophone for concert band, tenor sax for the pep band and baritone sax for jazz band.

- Hannah Heise Class of 2024

Makayla Spies

Makayla Spies has returned for her 2nd year on the SCHS Speech & Debate team. A district champion & a state competitor, Makayla is a leader on the speech and debate team. She is helping new members with memorizing, vocalizing, and the language of their performance pieces.

- Makayla Spies Class of 2026