Art Symposium 22-23 Image

The Scott City High School art department participated in the 45th High School Art Symposium at the SEMO River Campus again this year. Mr. Conaway submitted 13 pieces of student artwork. Of the 13 pieces submitted, 7 pieces were chosen to be in this juried art show. Of the seven chosen to be in the art show, 6 won awards for excellence. "I am beyond proud of these students for demonstrating their talents and having such amazing success in this extremely prestigious art show", said Mr. Conaway. The art show is located at the Crisp Museum located inside the SEMO River Campus and is open to the public until March 12th. Congratulations to Rhiannon Amick, Allysa Pruitt, Chase Venable, and Heather Hilsgen for having artwork accepted into the show.