Arts Council Image

The Scott City High School art department has again been awarded the honor of displaying student artwork at the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri in downtown Cape Girardeau.  We are again displaying the Houichol Indian inspired yarn paintings.  “This was a huge success last year and I am honored to get the chance to display my student’s artwork again this year,” said Mr. Conaway, high school art teacher.  Congratulations to the following students having artwork on display at the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri:  Kayden Gray, Allison Flanner, Sarah Lang, Teagen Beussink, Alli Rendleman, Blake Crump, Graycie Conklin, Carly Blaylock, Halle Comer, Paris Altorfer, Ally Cato, Hunter Mason, Colin Blaylock, Julie Weber, Jackson Gloth, Olivia Graff, Gracie Karrenbrock, Noah Slayden, and Emma Moore.  

The artwork is located in the Micro Galleries and February 3rd is the “First Friday opening” of the art show.  We invite all to come see the amazing artwork and the representation of Scott City in the “23rd Children's Arts Festival” and the micro galleries.